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About Alice



A sweet aroma surrounds the soft dream-like scenery of this kingdom. Sweets are piled high and à volonté for every princess, visiting or not! The view from up here is pink and lovely... or are those just your rose-tinted glasses?

Hi! My name is Alice and you are currently in the Hearts Kingdom. Here you will find more information about the site itself and its creator- me!

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Enjoy your stay!

The site

This is a sort of creative outlet of mine where I can show off things that I like; cute graphics, EGL and more! I'm mostly inspired by media I consumed during my childhood like fairy tales, dress up games, Shugo Chara, Sugar Sugar Rune, Vampire Knight and many many more... This is why I can't seem to put a nametag on my aesthetic or style... So I don't worry much about labels and just like the things I like!

My inability to stick to a theme is also very present in this site. That is why I created different "wonderlands" that each show a tiny part of me. You can explore the different wonderlands by choosing Hearts, Spades, Clubs or Diamonds. I hope you have as much fun exploring them as I had creating them.

Why did I make it

To start off with the obvious- I was inspired! There's some very cool websites on here and I had so much fun scrolling through them that I wanted to try and make my own!. My dear friends Lara and Gooby created their sites before me and I definitely recommend checking them out!

What is EGL?

EGL- short for Elegant Gothic Lolita- is an alternative fashion and lifestyle, originated in Japan in the 1990's (though possibly dating as far back as 1970). Now before you make any assumptions about the name 'lolita'- it has nothing to do with the book written by Vladimir Nabokov. Lolita fashion at its core is a very modest style with feminist roots.
The fashion also comes in a variety of different substyles. Included but not limited to:

  • Sweet
  • Gothic
  • Classic
  • Country
  • Punk

My closet mostly consists of oldschool lolita pieces. So if I had to give myself a label it would be "Oldschool lolita". However, I don't limit myself by any style since all of them have aspects I like. I just wear what I like!