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My interests


I have been a longtime EGL admirer from afar.
In 2009 my family finally aquired internet and I was thrilled at how easily accessible anime was from that point on. With no strong friendships at that age, I spent hours upon hours every day watching mahou shoujou's and animes like Vampire Knight, Higurashi and Shiki. I was enamored by the frilly dresses of the magical girls and the dark, fantasy aesthetics of the latter.

At age 10 I bought my first "lolita" dress at a local convention. As you can imagine, it was quite milanoo-esque.
I didn't approach the fashion again until 2020 when I took the plunge and made my first purchase on Wunderwelt.
Since then, I have been wholeheartedly enjoying being part of such an amazing community and sharing my passion with likeminded friends (though my wallet has been suffering)!


Another big part of my identity are games. Growing up, my family used to lend CD-ROM games from the library like Pajama Sam, Freddi Fish and Spyfox to name a few... I played these over and over as a small kid until I got my hands on a Nintendo DS (one of the most underrated consoles tbh). I never really stopped playing on my DS and so it has become a sort of integral part of me. I love discovering and collecting hidden gems! So far my favourites have been Ghost Trick, the Zero Escape series, Hotel Dusk...

Once I got in my teens I started exploring some other platforms and I developed a great interest in visual novels, ps1, and ps2 games.

For visual novels, I'm a very big ryukishi07 fan! As a little edgy kid, I loved the Higurashi anime but I was too young to really understand the scope of the inticrate storyline. After playing the visual novel I found a newfound respect for its creator and the love that went into making the experience. I could honestly gush hours about it but I'll spare you. Right now, I'm playing through Umineko!

As for ps1 games... Well I must admit I'm pretty new to it but once I got my little machine and a copy of Metal Gear Solid I fell completely in love! MGS was so much fun to play through and all the characters so charming... Revolver Ocelot is my favourite (go grandpa). I'm also experimenting a bit with the disc swap method to play imported games on my PAL console as I got myself a japanese copy of Twilight Syndrome!

And finally... Ps2 games. For the past few years I've become absolutely obsessed with the janky controls and clunky graphics of some games. Along with the DS, it's probably my favourite console. My favourites are Project Zero II, ICO, Silent Hill 2 and a little bit of Ape Escape hehe! I'm currently playing through Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Shadow of the Colossus.

I also play a plethora of other random stuff like Animal Crossing, Ace Attorney, Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Kirby... I just kind of like everything!